15 Tips to stay happy and focused at work in Lockdown

So when you are at home, spending time with family is so much stronger and you are very happy about it.

You would agree that this one benefit of staying home during lockdown brought some good smiles between you and your family.

That’s great.’

You must have learnt many good lessons of how to bathe your son or your daughter, feed them, sit with them and spend time in conversations.

Working from home, talking to your colleagues over a zoom call and also sharing your works with your boss, has become a regular routine since 2020 and 2021.

What other things can you do to improve your career while keeping in good health and happy.

In this blog post, we will discuss about two things.

  1. How to be happy and keep others stay happy.

2. Tips on improving your concentration level.

You know how difficult lockdown period is.

Surely it was a difficult period. But you can hope for some very good times in the near future.

Managing the difficulties and putting efforts on restoring the normal life requires good efforts. Some of the tips are shared here.

  1. Take care of yourself

You as one of the family members is very important. You should stay healthy and be glad that you are safe at home.

Learn one thing at a time and do it well.

Being courageous and kind helps you and others. So, be very kind to yourself.

Ways to be kind to yourself:

  • Take fresh shower
  • Timely meals
  • Sleep well
  • Watch a movie with your family. It is the best time you’ll never forget.
  • Complete your office works
  • Set your time schedules for the day
  • Do not get overloaded with works
  • Enjoy good music
  • Smile
  • Spend time with your family
  • Learn a new thing a day
  • Do meditation or offer prayers
  • Enjoy the inner peace
  • Think that you can achieve little by little and grow steadily

2. Set a target if you know there are some challenges

Thinking about your career? Do you want to continue to learn in this lockdown period and gain for growth in your career?

Go ahead. Work on that course or a particular learning program.

There are plenty of sources online to learn and some of these are free to learn.

Achieve success and it will boost your confidence.

3. Help and share

Did you prepare a delicious snack today? Share a little bit of that snack with your neighbor.

Is your neighbor is in need of some groceries or vegetables? Are they unable to buy? Offer your help.

It does so much of good to them and you find peace that you were able to help.

4. Talk to your colleagues

Conversations make you feel much better. Did you know, they’re thinking just like you. About finances in lockdown.

Some receive and some finances get delayed. Take some time to pursue and discuss with your colleagues about their work at home schedules and share how you are able to do your works daily.

They say – sharing is caring.

5. Here Top 20 Quotes on happiness

Tips on how to be happy and stay inspired

There are many who wish to be happy, but unable to find happiness. Be an inspiring person and help them by sharing a laugh, a smile and say hi.

Know that they may be going through some difficulty and they may not be sharing with you.

But when they are with you, try to encourage and inspire them. Spread smiles.

You know this lockdown period has hit hard on everyone, but, this is not permanent. This difficult period will surely pass away.

Stay positive and stay tuned for good times.

6. Spend wisely

Expenses are always coming and there’s no end to these.

Have you received your full salary?

Spend wisely.

Minimize your expenses. Save more until the lockdown period is over.

7. Do extra work everyday

Working in office hours is quite relaxing where you get to see your work schedules everyday and you also get to meet your colleagues, boss and other senior officials.

You are happy to receive your salary every month and your duties and responsibilities are good to go.

This was a happy time.

But now in pandemic lockdown, this is a difficult period and especially when you see business offices are being shutdown and you are asked to work from home.

If you are able to put that extra working hours and that is to add 3-4 hrs extra per day, it will help you to earn rewards.

You say how?

That is to dedicate your workloads a bit extra to help your organization to thrive.

After all, if your company grows, you will grow. So, give that extra little effort everyday.

8. Train a positive mind

In this period of hard times, you have to stay positive. Work hard and trust in hard work.

When you give 100% to your work, you will earn good profits.

Set your mind towards positive thinking.

The more you think about the difficult period, the more you grow unhappy. However, be watchful about the news and current events, but stay active and positive.

Be careful and take care of your family.

9. Attend devotions

Trust in God. He is omnipresent and omniscient. God is everywhere. Follow God in your works.

Being happy does not come by practice. It is natural. However, due to this pandemic period, globally happiness has come down.

Many countries have been affected and many people have been affected. Medical industry has done a great job to work on vaccines and in a span of 8-9 months, they have arrived.

Although vaccination drive went into stream, still major parts of the globe still continue to be affected with Covid-19 wave.

India is also in need of vaccine jabs.

But we can expect in a span of 12-15 months, we are likely to return normal work and life.

Stay safe. Stay happy.

The next aspect that we are going to discuss in this blog post is about concentration on daily work.

How to improve concentration levels and avoid mind wandering.

What is mind wandering?

Imagine you are watching news? While watching news, your mind is thinking about something else. It draws your mind.

You do not know why and how your mind is unable to concentrate. What can you do about it?

What are some of the examples of lack of concentration?

  • Short attention span
  • Getting distracted
  • Lack of sleep
  • Forgetting things
  • Getting frustrated
  • Stress and irritation

You can’t help it. But you have to work on training your mind towards concentration. The following tips help you

10. Play games

Online or offline, plays games with your family. Do puzzles, chess, Sudoku, memory games and other fun games.

  • Temple Run is a very popular game
  • Candy Crush is another popular and fun game. You would love it.
  • Super Mario is a well-known game and it comes a lot of challenges. You would love playing it.

11. Do coloring with your kids

Sit with your kids. Get some coloring items. Start working with color pencils, crayons and other fun activities.

Spend time and enjoy working with your kids. You’ll be able to focus and learn from it.

12. Talk to Seniors

Spend time with your mom and dad who are seniors. It energizes you and you would learn a lot from them.

Join them for a meal. Laugh with them.

It is a great privilege to have seniors at home. Take care of them and give them comfortable living.

13. Do workout

As much as possible, stay indoors and do your workout. It can be exercise, yoga or a simple walk, do it for 20-30 minutes everyday.

It lifts your spirit and encourages you to stay focused and concentrated.

14. Add new ingredients to your diet

Add eggs, meat, green herbs, regular veggies and fruits to your diet.

Make it new everyday and add a combination of vegetables, lentils, yoghurt, buttermilk, fruits and other snacks.

Stay hydrated and do one-meal fasting at least once a week. It adds to the improvement of your digestive system and also to your fitness.

Avoid consuming too much of sugary drinks or sweets.

Stay with freshly prepared meals.

15. Drink coffee

Coffee is available in wide variety of tastes. For coffee lovers the option of taste is great.

Not just coffee, but you can also go with green tea.

It not only promotes relaxation, but it is good option during busy working hours and also to get freshen up early in the morning.

Concentration comes by practice. You may have to keep a control on your thoughts, and train your brain to stay focused on one specific task.

It may take time. But if you stay consistent and persistent, you will succeed.

Practice writing everyday. It can be your diary, journal, or simply to-do list of works of your office or home, writing keeps your focus.

Watch funny and humorous videos on social media. These are not only entertaining, but they add a bit of sensitive thinking that improve your concentration.


Truly stating, staying fit and healthy while managing works and family comes as a difficult choice and it is hard for all.

It requires a lot of dedication and hard work to take care and manage finances as well.

But, when you plan and do well, you will succeed and be successful.

Hope these 15 Tips are of some kind of help.

Thanks for reading.

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