How it feels like to be on your Mattress for a goodnight sleep? When would you to get it replaced and how?

Love your mattress? It feels like heaven when you get on to your bed to relax and sleep. You also feel there’s no place like your bedroom and your mattress. It’s a great experience and a lovely ambience. You would retire to sleep either indulged in reading your book or just simply doze off to sleep within 5-10 minutes. That’s what you love after a long-day’s work. Some may even hold an ipad and browse through songs and movies while they try to get to sleep. 

You use a comforter, soft bed sheet, quilts, duvets and many more to keep your mattress warm and soft depending on the season. There are many models, sizes, makes of mattresses available online and offline. These are so beautifully designed. You would love to own one of these to get a goodnight sleep every night. 

While some are affordable, others are little expensive, but these are worth buying, due to their long-lasting quality. 

Did you take a quick view of your current mattress? The average mattress lasts for a period of seven years and it requires replacement after that. The quality, durability and performance of a mattress depends on the use and type of the quality of materials used in it. While there are wide variety of materials used in designing a mattress that include metal, spring, coil, cotton, foam, and such other for enhancing the durability, it is important to check whether these are resistant to dust mites and mold.

How would you know that your mattress has worn out and needs replacement? 

– The wear and tear

– Lumps and bumps

– Discomfort

– Stain, smells, dirt 

– Bed bugs 

Sleeping comfort

Most of the mattresses affect the quality of sleep and some of the discomforts is caused by mattresses causing aches, pains, numbness and waking up tired. It poses health risks and allergens such as dust mites etc., Some of the bed bug infestations include:

– Live bed bugs

– Stains 

– Dark spots

– Tiny eggs

– Bites on skin 

You may have to replace the mattress if the mattress has been going too soft or change in weight, sleeping styles or change in usage. If you are sleeping on a different mattress and you are sleeping really well there, it is time to change the mattress.

Mattress in Warranty

If your mattress is still in warranty, you may get it replaced with a tiny bit of wear and tear, and if you have a warranty period up to 10-25 years, or a lifetime warranty, getting it replaced definitely an affordable opportunity.

Mattress cover offers complete protection from bed bugs and mites. It is a thin sheet of the layer that encases the entire mattress on the top of which additional comforter and sheets come up offering protection from bugs and mites.

To keep the mattress get a long life, it is important to do the following:

– Vacuum the mattress regularly

– Keep it clean

– Apply baking soda to remove damp spots

– To remove stains, apply little mild soap and cold water. Avoid soaking it

– Flip the mattress every month and avoid sleeping on the same spot

– Avoid jumping on the mattress and putting heavy objects on it

– Keep away pets from the mattress and keep it clean

Dispose the old mattress

Nearly 75% of mattress are suitable for recycling and this can prevent landfill. There are many mattress vendors who recycle old mattresses. You should avoid

– Selling it online

– Dumping a mattress

– Donating it to a charity shop

– Children handling it


Replacing it after seven years or more when your mattress is damaged or due to unhygienic conditions, is definitely recommended. When you notice that there is any sort of discomfort or body aches, an alternative mattress is definitely necessary.

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