As vaccine Testing gets closer, are there any lessons that we can learn from this phase of Covid-19 in 2020? How can we protect our future generations?

Where is the Vaccine for Covid-19? When is it going to be launched? These were some of the questions that were being asked by many of us. Since the time Coronavirus has started in early January, 2020, in Wuhan, China, before it spread globally, this pandemic period has kept us in lockdown, brought us hospitalization, … Read more

11 Key Facts for you Know to Stay Safe Wearing a Face Mask (Prevent Covid-19)

Your Face Mask is your absolute safeguard now. In this Covid-19 pandemic times, they made it mandatory to wear a breathable face mask. With more than 7.8 billion, it’s high time for young men, women, adult age group and seniors start using a face mask as we are now forced to seek protection and prevention … Read more