Have you come across the new Body Support Pregnancy Pillow for a goodnight sleep?

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Pregnancy pillow

In your beautiful and amazing motherhood period, you need this comfortably relaxing and soothing pregnancy pillow for a goodnight sleep.

What exactly is this pregnancy pillow?

Exclusively designed for pregnant ladies, this pregnancy pillow is your ideal accessory when you wish to relax and read your favorite book, or spend time with your family in conversations or watch tv.

Available in pink color, this perfect design of super soft J shape body supports a pregnancy pillow with a zipper, it allows you to take an easy slide allowing you to rest your body.

Unlike the regular bed and pillow, this pillow gives you an easy space to accommodate you and your baby an adequate space.

The soft cushion gives you a soothing sleep within a minute and you are able to relax more.

The perfect angle of the pillow in J-shape elegantly allows you to slide as the length and breadth is large, adequately giving you sufficient space to adjust your body.

As you relax more to get good sleep, you are also safe and free from back pain.

It is a perfect fit for your belly, legs, arms, head and lower part of your body.

Available as 50 inches in length and 27 inches in width and 7 inches in height, this would be your favorite bedding through your pregnancy period.

J-shape pillow

Benefits of using Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillow

As a pregnant mom, you need to take special care of yourself everyday.

Special nutrition diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat, you also need to keep yourself happy and cheerful.

If you are a working lady, you need to rest and need a good sleep of 8-10 hrs for your health and the good health of your baby.

Unlike the hard mattress and unevenly framed pillows that may not suit your sleeping requirements, the soft J-shaped pregnancy pillow is the best fit for you.

For all of three trimesters, you can sleep in this pillow and ensure good health.

Highlights of pregnancy pillow

  • Use at any time during pregnancy
  • Fits your body through the trimesters
  • Allows you to sleep well
  • Keeps you safe from backpain
  • Comfortable for your baby belly
  • Relaxes you perfectly
  • Gives you good sleep
  • Adequate space to rest your legs and arms
  • Feed your newborn
Feed your newborn

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