As vaccine Testing gets closer, are there any lessons that we can learn from this phase of Covid-19 in 2020? How can we protect our future generations?

Where is the Vaccine for Covid-19? When is it going to be launched? These were some of the questions that were being asked by many of us. Since the time Coronavirus has started in early January, 2020, in Wuhan, China, before it spread globally, this pandemic period has kept us in lockdown, brought us hospitalization, discussions on ventilators, medicines, difficulties in buying groceries, washing hands, wearing face masks, watching social distancing, work from home jobs and so much more. It’s like we went through a very challenging phase in times of a pandemic period. Now after nearly 10 months of long-struggle, we are witnessing a ray of hope that the vaccine is nearly there as a good news forthcoming.

The World Bank says that there’s 5.2 percent of global contraction in GDP and the deepest global recession is ahead which will be felt for decades to come.  It suggests that there is a need for urgent action to improve public health and keep a control on economic consequences, protect the population and even take extra measures for long-paced steady recovery. There are many critical areas, vulnerabilities, and so much to lay on the desk for health reforms on a global level.

Time Health Moderna states that its vaccine is 94.5% effective according to preliminary data. Similarly, Pfizer Inc. declared its own Covid-19 vaccine to be similarly effective and that both the companies can now seek permission for its use in the U.S.

Dr.Stephen Hoge, President of Moderna said “really important milestone”.

He further said “It won’t be Moderna alone that solves this problem. It’s going to require many vaccines” as the global demand surges.

There are many positive hopes on vaccines that it stops this pandemic and gets us on the track of our lives. 

As of November, 2020, global virus cases are 5,49,67,255 and nearly 1.3 million people lost their lives worldwide.

It is predicted that the vaccine may still have to go through a lot of processes of testing before it gets final approval and released for public use. Moderna expects that nearly 20 million doses are required in the U.S. by the end of 2020. Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech expect to have 50 million doses worldwide by this year end.

Nearly 30,000 volunteers took the real vaccination as part of testing and an independent board examined 95 infections that were recorded two weeks after volunteers’ second dose and there were further discoveries. The study is still an ongoing process. 

Just a quick thought, how would that be if such vaccines were already made available? This means the research study, testing and approval were already done prior to the attack of the virus and those affected received the vaccine and got cured. This would have prevented the global pandemic while saving the lives of millions of people.

Maybe we can prepare in the future and get more advanced even in the pharma sector just as we did in technology.  In fact, there are many experts, scientists, futurists, technologists and historians who can predict the future and warn about the future to and to caution humanity from detestable situations. 

Learning lessons from the past and the present, will we be able to do any justified work for our future generations? Should we do from now on?

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