How to Work on Dark Spots with Skin Lightening Serum

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Spots on the face are visible in various colors. Sometimes light brown, dark brown, or completely black.  The appearance of black spots or skin changes on the face is a common concern.

This occurs due to the increase of melanin which leads to dark pigment.  But, no worries. this is a treatable disease. 

In this blog post, we will discuss what dark spots are, their causes, types, and treatments. 

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What are black spots on the face?

Dark spots, also known as hyperpigmented marks, are usually patches or areas of skin that are darker than the surrounding area. 

Darkness occurs when too much melanin which is the brown pigment that creates skin color is lost in the skin. 

This can lead to pigmentation, discoloration, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. These spots can appear on the face, arms, shoulders, back, and hands, but black spots on the face are the most common problem for many people. 

People of all ages, both men and women, and all body types can develop these blemishes. 

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What are the main causes of black spots on the face?

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The main cause of dark skin on the face or any other part of the body is the excess production of melanin in our skin. 

This excess production can be caused by – 

  • Exposure to UV rays 
  • Hormonal imbalance 
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 
  • Age 
  • Genetics 
  • Pollution 
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What are the different types of spots?

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To know how to get rid of black spots caused by pimples or any problem, or what cream to use, etc., you must first find out what kind of black spots appear. 

Below are three types of brown spots that a person may experience:

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Dark spots are more common in women and people with darker complexions. 

Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation, and you will see patches of skin that range in color from purple to brown. 

Also, instead of small spots, melasma spots can cover a large area of ​​your skin. 


Solar lentigines are usually caused by excessive exposure to the sun. 

Strong UV rays lead to single spots or multiple spots that appear as a patch. 

You will find this type of blackhead more common in adults than in children.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

As the name suggests, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is the result of inflammation leading to increased pigmentation.

In appearance, these spots will look like spots with their color ranging from pink to red to brown. Popping or picking up your acne will often have dark spots due to PIH. 

Over-the-counter creams

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Over-the-counter solutions such as creams, gels, soaps, and blackhead removers are considered effective· in treating this condition·.  

However, you may experience lower and lower results from all OTC products. Also, you run the risk of side effects such as irritation and skin damage.


An over-the-counter product called hydroquinone is readily available. 

Hydroquinone helps to inhibit tyrosinase, which is an enzyme that helps produce melanin. Since the production of tyrosinase is limited, the production of melanin also decreases.

Depending on the extent of your dark spots, it can easily take 8-12 weeks for this treatment to show visible results.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid is an important part of skin lighteners and is made from rice or fermented mushrooms.

Using kojic acid at home may cause minor side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to use it with little concentration. 

This treatment works by reducing the main activity of pigment cells. 

Some other ingredients like azelaic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid are available in different concentrations in different dark spot removal products. 

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Be sure to consider your skin type and sensitivity before choosing a product.

Try not to expose yourself to too much sun and make sure you apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more before going out.

Choose the right skincare products for your skin type. Pay attention to the skincare and beauty products you are currently using and discard anything that causes irritation or redness.

Topical medications to lighten dark spots such as Retin-A are available quickly and can be used as directed by a dermatologist. 

Stock up on topical medications that contain vitamin C as an active ingredient, as it can help slow down your skin’s aging process.

Brown spots can appear in both women and men. In general, women and people with darker skin, including Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans who live in areas with a lot of sunlight, have higher levels of melasma.

The cause of hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation is the most common complaint in people between the ages of 40 and 54, regardless of gender or skin color. 

Exposure to UV light 

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The sun’s rays can trigger the onset of melasma and make the condition worse, regardless of the cause.

These brown spots, commonly found on the face and hands, are also called belly spots, solar lentigines, and liver spots. Additionally, visible light and heat can also make melasma worse.

Hormonal imbalance 

Changes in hormone levels due to stress, pregnancy or drug use can cause brown spots called chloasma.

Pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives is the reason that 40-50% of women have melasma. Additionally, 8 to 34 percent of women using combined oral contraceptives develop melasma.


These include external injuries caused by burns and dermatological processes.

Soap and cosmetics 

Any facial product that changes the pH of the skin due to its composition can improve the skin which, when exposed to the sun or other environmental factors, can create dark spots. 

Skin rash

Any skin rash can turn brown as it heals. In addition, irritation caused by various factors can make pre-existing melasma worse. Surgery is an example of skin irritation.

 Skin cancer

In some cases, black spots can lead to skin cancer. 

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 

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This refers to temporary pigmentation that develops as a result of injury or inflammatory skin diseases, such as dermatitis and infection. Acne is one of the causes of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and, therefore, dark spots. 

Pregnancy lines 

This refers to the dark lines that develop on a woman’s stomach during pregnancy. Linea nigra may be present and darken and become more prominent during pregnancy.

Periocular hyperpigmentation 

This refers to the presence of light and dark brown color around the eyes, giving a tired look. This type of hyperpigmentation is also known as dark circles.

Dark spots appear as small spots on the body that are darker than the surrounding skin. The most common cause of them is an increase in the melanin pigment of the skin.

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Brown spots can appear in different areas. 

Mostly these are visible near:

  • Forehead 
  • Play 
  • Bridge of the nose 
  • Above the upper lip 
  • Color 
  • Voice 
  • Arms 

Best treatments for dark spots


This is a common first-line treatment for dark spots. It has been used all over the world for over 60 years and is considered to be a great skin enhancer. 


 These are vitamin A, including tretinoin, retinol, tazarotene, and adapalene gel. Retinoids are useful for skin lightening. 

However, they can irritate the skin and should be used with caution. 

Retinoids have anti-inflammatory properties that promote the synthesis of keratinocytes, strengthen the epidermis and collagen, prevent transepidermal water and inhibit the activity of metalloproteinases. 

It is recommended that you start using retinol only twice a week because it can cause irritation. After that, the frequency of use can be increased gradually, followed by adequate hydration and sun protection.

Kojic acid

A 2013 study showed the effectiveness of a combination of kojic acid and hydroquinone in reducing dark spots. 

Vitamin C

Transdermal delivery of vitamin C has been shown to be used as a short-term treatment for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma. 

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Azelaic acid and glycolic acid 

How exactly it is possible to reduce or eliminate those dark spots on your face? 

If you’ve been exposed to too much sun, you can blame it for those dark spots, known as hyperpigmentation. 

But this is what it is, it’s not just external factors that cause those pesky blemishes on your face and body. 

Aging, acne, pregnancy, prescription drugs, and hormonal imbalances are some of the other causes.

These dark spots occur when your skin produces too much melanin, which gives your skin its color. 

Home remedies for dark spots

How can you completely get rid of dark spots on the face and neck? 

Aloe Vera Gel 

Apply aloe juice or aloe vera gel directly in a dark place for 30 minutes in the morning and evening.

Rinse with warm water and finish with your favorite serum and moisturizer. 2. Apple cider vinegar 

Combine equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl. 

Combine well and apply on dark spots.

You can also try mixing a little lemon juice with vinegar. Another recipe is to combine 3 tablespoons of orange juice with ½ tablespoons of wine.

Wash off with warm water and apply with your favorite serum and moisturizer. 


Apply milky milk on dark spots and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and finish with your favorite serum and moisturizer.

If you have oily skin or suffer from acne, add some lemon or lime juice. 

Gently rinse with warm water and finish with your favorite serum and moisturizer.

Castor oil 

Apply a small amount of oil to a dark area in the morning and evening.


Cut a slice of lemon and gently apply it to the affected area for 10 minutes, morning and evening. 

If you have sensitive skin, mix 1 tbsp lemon juice with 1 tbsp water or rose water in a glass bowl. Dip your cotton and apply it to the skin.

Rinse with warm water and finish with your favorite serum and moisturizer. You will see a difference in the light in two months.


Cut and remove the seeds from the green papaya.

Then, use a blender or food processor until it forms a paste. Leave on your face and neck for 20-30 minutes in the morning and before going to bed.

Rinse with warm water and finish with your favorite serum and moisturizer. 

On the other hand, we also recommend the Pure Fiji Exfoliating Scrub to energize and make your skin soft and glowing with the latest exfoliating ingredients. 

This gentle, natural cleanser removes impurities, removes dead skin cells, and uses the power of pineapple and papaya enzymes to unclog pores. 

Next, vitamin-enriched coconut cream nourishes newly revealed skin for a radiant, youthful appearance. It can be used on acne-prone skin. 

The above treatments include mainly skin-brightening products that aim to get rid of dark spots quickly. 

These products work best once the black spot triggers are taken out of the equation.

When you use skin-lightening products, protect your skin from sun exposure.

 It is very important. These products are available in the form of lotions, creams, gels, and liquids. 

The most effective ones include the following: 

Our skin is at the mercy of many forces as we age: the sun, the weather, and bad habits. But we can do things to help our skin look fresh and young. 

How your skin ages will depend on many factors: your lifestyle, diet, genetics, and other personal characteristics. For example, smoking can create free radicals, which used to be good oxygen that is now active and unstable. 

Free radicals damage cells, causing, among other things, premature wrinkles.

There are other reasons as well. 

The main factors that contribute to broken and shiny skin include normal aging, exposure to the sun and pollution, and a lack of subcutaneous support (the tissue between the skin and the tendons.

Other factors that cause skin aging include stress, gravity, daily facial movements, obesity, and even sleeping position. What kinds of skin changes come with age?

As you grow older, changes like the following often occur: 

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It is likely that your skin goes through a lot of change and there may some skin issues as well. 

The skin is loose. The loss of elastic tissue (elastin) of the skin and stomach makes the skin loose.

The skin becomes more wrinkled. This is caused by the flaking of the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin).

The skin becomes stronger. This is caused by the loss of the area where the epidermis and dermis (the layer of skin below the epidermis) meet.

The skin becomes better. This is because of the soft walls of the blood vessels.

Changes on skin are likely to occur as you age. 

Loss of fat under the skin on the cheeks, temples, chin, nose, and eye area can lead to the appearance of skin, skin, sunken eyes, and a “skeletal” appearance.

Bone spurs, mainly around the mouth and chin, can become evident after the age of 60 and cause the skin around the mouth. The loss of cartilage in the nose causes the tip of the nose to drop and the bony part of the nose to be stressed.

How does the sun affect your skin?

Sun exposure is the main cause of skin aging. Changes under the skin also become apparent with age. They understand: 

Loss of fat under the skin on the cheeks, temples, chin, nose, and eye area can lead to a soft, leathery, sunken look, and a “skeletal” appearance. 

Bone spurs, mainly around the mouth and chin, can become evident after the age of 60 and cause the skin around the mouth.

The loss of cartilage in the nose causes the tip of the nose to drop and the bony part of the nose to be stressed. How does the sun affect your skin?

Sun exposure is the main cause of skin aging. Particularly, ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are likely to cause damage to certain fibers in the skin called elastin. 

The breakdown of elastin fibers causes the skin to loosen, stretch, and release the skin’s ability to move into place after stretching. The skin breaks and tears easily and takes a long time to heal. 

So while sun damage may not appear when you’re young, it will later in your life. Nothing can completely repair sun damage, although the skin can sometimes repair itself. Lasers can also help repair some of the damage. 

It’s never too late to start protecting yourself from the sun and skin cancer. 

You can delay the changes associated with aging by avoiding sunlight and practicing using sunscreen that contains zinc oxide as a skin barrier and an SPF of 30 or higher. 

Ensure to wear clothing that protects your skin from the sun, such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, a wide-brimmed hat, and sunglasses. Smokers are more likely to have wrinkles than non-smokers of the same age, skin tone, and sun history.

Dry skin is common throughout life. About 85% of the elderly develop “cold” because the indoor air is warm. Loss of sebaceous glands in the stomach can also make dry skin worse. 

Anything that irritates the skin (such as using hot soaps or hot showers) will make the problem worse.

If your skin is very dry and itchy, see a doctor because this condition can affect your sleep, cause irritation, or be a symptom of an illness. Some medications make the itching worse. 

Caring for your skin is a Regular Process

Taking care of your skin is a regular process and you have to nourish it all the time. It may be for the daily face wash or treating those brown spots or skin lightening treatment, you look for some of the best products available.

This comes a routine for you and you have to provide the best care, give yourself time to maintain and enjoy the best health.

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Skin changes as you age

Changes in skin are likely to occur and at that point, you can’t let it go, but provide the best care as per the needs and requirements.

Some of these include –

  • Moisturizer
  • Serum
  • Anti-aging
  • Pigmentation cream
  • Treating brown and dark spots
  • Skin-lightening cream
  • Cleansing and toner
  • Many more

Finding good products that suit your skin

As you already, the marketplace is full of good products that work excellently for skin care. As you have to spend time picking one for you, there are certain specifications that you need to pay attention to while making a purchase decision. These are:

  • Skin texture and the product suitability
  • Age group
  • Active ingredients with which it is prepared
  • How it works to the best results
  • How long does it take to produce results
  • How long the results will last

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