5 Key Facts of Turmeric and Turmeric Oral Capsules as Health Guard (Why this supplement is needed for you?)

Have you heard about this Indian herb – turmeric? There is a growing demand as there was a lot of research. It was found that it contains a chemical called “curcumin”. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

As proved already, turmeric works in home remedies, offers cooking benefits and has long-standing therapeutic values.

Turmeric is now available in the form of capsules, tablets, teas, pastes and extracts.

The methods of use may vary depending on the purpose.

#1. History of Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that naturally comes from a plant. Powdered form of turmeric is most commonly used in Asian food. 

In fact, it is used as one of the main spice in a curry. Having somewhat bitter taste, it is often used for color and flavor in the preparation of daily food in India.

Turmeric is also used widely to make medicine. The yellow-colored chemical called as “curcumin” is often used in home remedies, cosmetics and in coloring the foods.

The use of turmeric is approximately 4000 years old to the vedic culture in India. It has some very special significance in both culinary and religion.

It probably reached China in 700 AD, East Africa by 800 AD and other countries.

#2. Recognition by Modern Medicine

Modern medicine now recognizes turmeric as an essential herb. It has some of the excellent properties in treating arthritis,  and stated to have natural antioxidants. 

In a study, it was revealed that 100 g of turmeric contains-

– 390 kcal

– 10 g total fat

– 3 g saturated fat

– 0 mg cholesterol 

– 0.2 g calcium

– 0.26 g phosphorous 

– 10 mg sodium

– 2500 mg potassium 

– 47.5 mg iron

– 0.9 mg thiamine

– 0.19 mg riboflavin

– 4.8 mg niacin

– 50 mg ascorbic acid

– 69.9 g total carbohydrates

– 21 g dietary fiber

– 3 g sugar

– 8 g protein 

(Source: Turmeric, the golden spice)

#3. Turmeric Treatments

Used widely in culinary,  cosmetic preparation, home remedy and now medicine, turmeric has come a long way.

Most significantly called as “Indian saffron” heavy research and studies have been conducted, it has at least 53 different names.

Turmeric, used as herbal medicine treats –

– Rheumatoid arthritis 

– Chronic anterior uveitis

– Conjunctivitis

– Skin cancer

– Small pox

– Chicken pox

– Wound healing

– Urinary tract infections

– Liver ailments

– Jaundice

– Menstrual difficulties 

– Colic; for abdominal pain and distension

– Loss of appetite

– Gall bladder complaints

– Inflammatory bowel disease

(Turmeric root is used as medicine to treat arthritis)

In ayurvedic practice, turmeric has proved to be a good cure for –

– Strengthening the overall energy of the body

– Relieving the gas

– Worm treatment

– Improving digestion

– Dissolving gallstones

– Regulating menstruation

– Relieving arthritis

– Antiseptic for cuts, burns, bruises and antibacterial agent

– Hyper actively works as anticancer medicine – (Oral, stomach, skin)

– Treats depression 

– Cuts down cholesterol

– Heals joints and strengthens bones

– Digestive stimulant

– Irritable bowl syndrome

– Oral capsules can treat peptic ulcers (2 capsules- 300 mg – five times daily) – 4 weeks treatment.

#4. India as Manufacturing Hub

India is world’s leading manufacturer of turmeric crop and consumes nearly 80%. Having rich and healthful properties of curcumin, Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world. 

Erode, a city in the South Indian state of Tamilnadu, is an important trading center for turmeric.

#5. Turmeric Capsules


The oral turmeric capsules are absolutely safe. They carry less or no side effects. Used as supplement, turmeric capsules have plenty of health. They also have healing properties.

Especially being a herbal spice that is plant-based, turmeric capsules are absolutely safe. You can carry while on a holiday or travel. There are few capsules for treating long-term treatment of health issues.

However, consultation of a physician is necessarily administered for positive results, so that you can record changes your body experiences and even make medical test reports as may be required depending on the treatment.

Turmeric capsules for health boost:

  1. Healthvit turmeric powder 400mg – 60 capsules
  2. Herbal valley Turmeric curcumin with Bioperine
  3. Organic India Turmeric capsules
  4. Just Jaivik Organic Turmeric – A dietary supplement
  5. Simply Herbal Curcumin Extract with Piperine
  6. Healthvit Turmeric Powder – 400mg
  7. Naturevibe Botanicals Turmeric capsules
  8. WALPAR Organic curcumin Turmeric with Piperine Bioperine
  9. Organic India Organic Turmeric capsules
  10. Organic India Turmeric formulae
  11. Vedaone USDA Organic Haldi – 60 Tablets for digestive support

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