How Covid-19 in 2020-2021 has changed the lives of Hyderabad Residents?

With nearly 8.7 million people living in Hyderabad, it is one of the biggest metro cities in India. With so much of growth happening in real estate, Information Technology, hospitality, tourism, and business sector, there are excellent prospects of finding jobs, living and recreation.

Hyderabad is considered as one of the best cities to live in India.

There are growing attractions in Hyderabad such as golf club, Singapore Township, GMR Aerocity, Adibhatla Aerospace park and many more.

Now in August 2021, you have seen how many young people have returned to their offices while some continue to work from home.

Along side of vaccination program, people continue to work after getting their first dose while others got two doses of vaccine.

The city continues to talk about vaccines, buying groceries, vegetables, staying home, face mask, sanitizers and social distancing.

Students who plan to go abroad are having their woes in getting vaccinated, finding difficulties in booking flights, as travel ban on India makes international flights run on limited routes.

However, Hyderabad city continues to be a better place as compared to other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka and others where people are finding it hard to do their jobs and even businesses.

Health Tips

Now in August 2021, monsoon is here bringing a lot of rain, so it is important to check your weather everyday.

  1. Check your weather report

Find out more about rain, thunderstorm and wind to stay safe. Avoid travel preferably and stay safe indoors.

2. Stay Indoors

Whether office or at home, stay indoors as much as possible and do your work. If you have the opportunity to work from home, set your timings for official conversations.

3. Follow Three Ws’

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Wear your Face Mask
  • Watch social distancing

4. Nutrition

Add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your fruit.

Fruits like oranges, apples, bananas and grapes are available.

Ensure to have a fruit after every meal.

5. Add Probiotics

Yoghurt is an excellent probiotic for your body. It fights against viruses.

Ensure to set curd fresh everyday and enjoy with family.

6. Stay Hydrated

Drink at least 6-8 glasses or more everyday.

7. Maintain personal hygiene

Hygiene being one of the good benefits of health, shower and clean clothes can add to your health benefits.

About Hyderabad

Tripadvisor records some of the best tourist attractions in Hyderabad.

With excellent history attributed to the city and its grandeur of development, Hyderabad has faced a crisis time in pandemic period with several lockdowns.

As majority of city residents are employees, vendors and small business owners apart from MNCs in IT parks, they were shutdown that caused liquidity crunch for workforce.

Either they had to wait for their paychecks or work extra hours to earn their living.

Especially buying groceries, vegetables and other necessities had become a major issue for many.

In 2020, there was a lockdown as per the governing rules from Central Government of India in March 2020 and now in 2021 we went into lockdown from May and now in June, it is extended up to 9th June.

The relaxation of 4 hrs in the morning brought some relief to residents as they were to purchase their needs and do their works.

Lockdown did make some positive impact as Covid cases were decreasing as people began to stay home and this reduced the spread of infection.

Everyone has a story to share about their lockdown living.

If you ask one of your family friend or relative about their activities in lockdown, you would hear a lot.

Personally, you also have a collective experience in this lockdown period.

Here is someone trying to buy their need. Check this out.

So many questions.

Everyone is going through some sort of difficulty.

What can we do about this?

What can we expect from the Government to help us with such lockdowns being in force for the future?

Whenever such emergency lockdowns come into force keeping in view of public welfare and health, there is required to be good planning, arrangement of funds, groceries, food supplies and such other to enable the residents to experience safety in lockdowns.

Doing daily activities is not only hard, but you have to prepare a lot before you do anything.

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