Seven New Facts to know about the benefits of Face wash

You must have read many articles about face wash. Right? This is the time we must be taking a lot about face mask. Why face wash? That’s what I’m going to share the secrets with you.

When we put on face mask for longer hours as mandatory,  we’re actually packing the whole of our face and air gets locked. That means, an área of your face is packed unable to let the air or atmospheric exposure thereby acquiring locking the pores. 

There you have a need of face wash.

Let’talk about some of the best benefits of home made face wash and the ready-made face wash that you can choose depending on your requirement.

#1. Why Cleansing is Necessary?

Just a quick splash of water on face may not be enough, though its good to do it, early Morning and preferably twice or thrice a day.

Emer Gillen, ELEMIS skin care expert sewing machines says-

Cleanse in the Morning to remove what the skin has expelled to the surface during the night and Cleanse in the evening to remove what the skin has been exposed to during the day, make up and SPF included.”

“That is why, when we clean our skin, we want to remove dirt, impurities, make up, and SPF. However, we do not want to strip away the surface environment, we want to bring balance to it “.

#2. When to use a Face wash?

If you are young between the age of 16-35, you need good loads of wash at last twice or thrice a day, specifically, if you are applying creams and makeup.

After attending parties,  you need to remove the makeup.

Early morning, give a good start with clear skin washing off the impurities. Get rid of deadskin cells, oil, dirt, and other types of pollutants from the skin of face. 

This also helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne. 

When you return from college or office, give a good rinse.  You feel so fresh to experience the soft, smooth and silky skin.

It is also worth notifying that exfoliation sweeps away dry skin and other debris as it finds a fresh layer of skin.

Additionally, it stimulates circulation.

#3. Your skin type

Depending on your type, you may choose a face cleanser. But it is not necessary to choose that way, as there many excellent varieties of cleansers are fruit-based, herbs and nut-based like – aloevera, almond, strawberry, lemon and many more.

You are absolutely safe to use these and enjoy the best results.


Every time you wash as a routine, you can evaluate the results based on application, texture, foam, make up etc. And it washes away impurities, excess oil, and any other kind of debris that exists on the face.

The freshness lasts about at least a couple of hours or longer.

#4. Prevents acne and blackheads

The process of cleansing that lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on the time you spend, you can be assured that your facial skin gets a thorough cleansing and dirt gets eliminated. This is done so impressively. 

The job of hydration leaves the skin refreshingly clean and your complexion turns glowing.

#5. Use of Herbs

You come across tea-tree, aloe vera, mint, and other herb-based cleansers that are absolutely good in aroma, fragrance and foam.

Taking a pinch of these and applying on your face brings a big form of foam that makes you feel so good throughout the wash. 

It may be that this activity may become one of your favorite chore during the day. Morning, afternoon or evening or at bes time, you would enjoy the process of cleansing.

You would also agree that regular soap causes more harm and better results are with cleansers.

If you would like to know how these face cleansers are designed – it goes deep down to your skin pores, removes all the impurities like sweat, dust and other pollutants.

After a thorough wash, your complexion gets enhanced leaving your skin smooth and soft.

#6. Fruit-based cleansers

Strawberry, lemon, apple, water melon, orange etc. are the primary ingredient in these face washes and they are absolutely good.

You give the best care, repair and nourish your skin.

All of us have different types of skins and it may be normal, dry, sensitive, delicate or acne-prone. 

Naturally  prepared face washes bring the best results.

If you choose any vegetable oils like coconut or jojoba based face cleansers, they help in retaining the moisture.

#7. Check for New Additions

Did you know big brands like Lakme, Pond’s, Garnier, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, St.Botanica, Mamaearth etc. are consistently working on new quality of face washes?

There’s a scope for improvement and for new entrants.

You’ll be happy to try and add to your brand line.

Therefore, keep looking for new launches and try these as well when you access the product description, reviews, etc.


Cleansing is an everyday regular requirement. You need face wash of your choice. Taking care of your face and keeping it clean prevents acne, whiteheads, blackheads, even pimples and much more. Just a simple wash can bring a big benefit.

It is also a good idea to keep an extra spare of face wash at home and another in your bag. So, when you are away from home, you still get to enjoy a good face wash and it feels awesome.

Do try it. 

They appear as small task, but they prove more beneficial.

Hope you found what you are looking for. If you have questions, please post them in comment section, so we’ll be able to answer.

Thanks for Reading.

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