11 Key Facts for you Know to Stay Safe Wearing a Face Mask (Prevent Covid-19)

Your Face Mask is your absolute safeguard now. In this Covid-19 pandemic times, they made it mandatory to wear a breathable face mask.

With more than 7.8 billion, it’s high time for young men, women, adult age group and seniors start using a face mask as we are now forced to seek protection and prevention from Covid-19.

This comes as the need of the hour and we cannot afford to miss.

Wherever you are, you have to have one or more facemasks with you, preferably one worn already.

You are safe with a face mask.

wear face mask prevent covid-19
wear face mask prevent covid-19

What type of face mask should I wear? This question comes up from many and the correct answer is – choose any. N95 face mask , face mask with filter, reusable, disposable, cotton or any that passes your review.

Covid-19 travels fast in the air. The source control is face mask that disables the spread with cough, sneeze, talk or even when there is a raise in voice.

Respiratory  droplets play a major role in the spread of virus Covid-19.

Clinical laboratory studies indicate that cloth face masks reduce the spray of droplets when worn over the nose and mouth.

Having known the fact that Covid-19 spreads among people who are close contact with one another within 6 feet, cloth face coverings are specifically important when people are contact especially when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

There are different kinds of face covering available online. How would you choose which is the best one for you?

Center for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends to wear cloth face mask when you are around people, especially when maintaining  social distancing has become so difficult.

#1. How Face Mask Protects You?

COVID-19 novel virus is a respiratory infection and it produces droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks or raises their voice.

This also includes yelling, chanting or singing.

These droplets travel so fast that they can land in any one else’s mouth or.nose who are nearby and who inhale into their lungs.

To prevent this occurrence, CDC recommends that a face covering is a must both at home and in public place especially when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

Preferably wearing a cloth mask is much more safer.

#2. Wear it all the time in public and socializing places

There’s no time when you can attend parties, visit beaches, super markets, grocery stores without a face mask. 

You are required to wear it always to prevent yourself from getting affected.These are specially made face masks for virus protection and absolutely safe.

#3. How to choose a face mask?

All models of Face masks are safe and ideally designed for protection. Choose your pick accordingly.

Wear it properly so that it covers your nose, mouth, face except eyes and further it is also a breathable face mask.

Some face masks even come with filter.

These are designed to seek protection from pollution.

While some are exclusively known as surgical masks offering  protection from bacteria during surgeries, others are disposable.

Physicians recommend these disposable masks depending on your health requirements.

But both reusable and disposable are equally good.

The cost of a mask begins from $2.5 and iy may go upto $4 or more. Vendors sell these in bulk of 5 or 10, so that you don’t have to place repeated orders online.

You can even donate these.

It is your choice and interest of your investment and need that you may have depending on your travel or daily use.

#4.Change every month

Most often users come across this question. How often should I change my face mask? The correct answer is – Change it every month preferably. Because of its regular use. You wear it for at least for 5-8 hrs or more a day, you need a new one for the next month.

Apart from cloth coverings that can be easily be made at home, there are also low cost face masks priced between $2-$3 and these are available in a pack of 3 to 5.

You can get these online from Amazon store.

3-layered protection face mask

#5. The Special Emphasis on Use

CDC lays a special emphasis on the use of cloth face coverings in public and even sometimes when you are around those people who don’t live with you – such as domestic help, security, chefs and other household helpers. When social distancing becomes a difficulty, you certainly need the protection of face coverings.

Medical workers need a shield guard when they treat Covid-19 patients to prevent the spreading and cloth coverings do this job effectively. 

Children under the age of 12 or under 2  should not wear if they have health issues like trouble in breathing, unconscious, incapacitated or find it difficult to remove mask.

#6. Are There Any Reusable Face Masks?

Yes, there are many reusable cloth face coverings as you can wash and sun-dry for the purpose of reuse.

You can wash with soap or liquid detergent and rinse it thoroughly. 

Preferably every three to five days.

Others, if they appear worn out, start using a new one.

However, keeping a bulk pack of 5-10 cloth face coverings which can easily be made at home is also preferred.

Good to follow these tips as this is the time to know that using a mask comes as a health guard and protection from virus protection, especially when you visit public places.

#7. difficulty in Communication

Though it may be a little discomfort and difficulty in carrying your daily chores and starting a conversation, you can make it a practice to communicate early as there is no other alternative.

When managing with hearing and sight impaired, it might be a little more harder task as they have to use sensory testing while using cloth masks.

Consulting a physician may also bring a suitable solution.

#8. When not to use a mask

It is good to avoid wearing a mask when engaged in activities like swimming at the beach or pool. Because when it gets wet, you find it difficult to breathe.

Maintaining social distance becomes a priority at the time of swimming.

When you are involved in a running exercise or any other high intensity activity,  you should avoid using a mask, as you need an open area of ventilation and fresh air exchange.

#9. Not to forget Handwashing and sanitizing

Top priority and primary health care is to keep a regular practice of handwashing and sanitizing. This is important to keep away bacteria and also to maintain hand hygiene.

Your hands not keeping in contact with face, eyes and other areas of face ensures staying safety of your health. You remain unaffected.

#10. Let the ventilation indoors

Leave the windows and doors remain open for sometime to let the fresh air indoors which refreshes you and good as a source of fresh oxygen.

If there are more than two people living in your house, it is much more important to keep the house stay fresh with ventilation.

#11. Disinfect floor and kitchen surface everyday

There’s every scope of unseen bacteria building on kitchen countertop, sink and floor surface area. If left uncleaned, it becomes a breeding ground for developing virus. Therefore,  cleaning and mopping with disinfectant becomes a priority. Especially if you have children and seniors at home.


Using face coverings is strongly encouraged to reduce the spread of Covid-19, and it is also most important to avoid to visit public areas. It is much recommended to stay home and stay hydrated. You can also stay safe with clean hands and frequently cleaned and disinfected surfaces.

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