What is the best facial treatment for Whiteheads?

You have heard from your friend sharing this with you about this problem and you are pretty aware. Whiteheads are likely to appear frequently and you find many ways to check them and get rid of them.

What exactly is a whitehead?

A whitehead is a pore – which lies on the skin’s surface and it wholly clogged with dead skin cells that has oil substance, bacteria, and other dirt from the external atmosphere that closes the cover.

Does diet also cause whiteheads?

Well, sometimes. But, diet and lifestyle also play a prominent role in your facial care. Particularly, when dairy, sugar, and processed foods are having a lot of preservatives, they produce oil that contributes to acne. You definitely have to adjust your diet to healthy fats, protein, and antioxidant-rich foods.

What do you do when you notice a whitehead?

Dermatologists say to carefully pop out the Whitehead with a blackhead remover. It carefully removes your skin and keeps your skin soft and smooth with no scratches or pink or red spots. This is a safe practice for some.

Use Whitehead Remover Strips

This is a safe practice to keep a set of Whitehead remover strips and use them periodically when you notice whiteheads. Take a strip and apply it on the nose and fix it gently.

After a few minutes, carefully peel off the strip and you would notice whiteheads sticking on the black layer of the strip.

You can do this regularly every 15 days depending on your work and home schedules.

What is the strip made of?

The active ingredients available in the strip are :

The active ingredients in the Whitehead paste contain – bamboo charcoal, wheat germ oil, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid which has an excellent strength to purify pores, cleanse deeply and restore skin’s health and vitality.

How to use it?

First, clean and wet your nose with warm water. As it suits all types of skin, including sensitive skin, remove the test paper and place it on the nose.

Wait for the test paper to dry and then carefully peel it off from the corner. Watch the best results.

How to prevent the formation of whiteheads?

Can you prevent it? Yes, for sure. But you have to choose a very good facewash, and a clean face towel.

Which is the best face wash?

There are many popular brands for women – Lakme, Ponds, Himalaya, Biotique, Palmolive, Garnier, and Cetaphil. Choose any of your choices that you are comfortable with and keep ensuring that you get a frequent facewash whenever you are exposed to the outside atmosphere.

It is important to choose whichever one you are comfortable with. Ensure to read one or more reviews at Amazon before making a purchase. Certainly, these are very helpful.

Otherwise, if you have already been using it, and are happy with the results, it is a good pick.

But one thing is very certain, most of the popular brand facewashes from Ponds, Lakme, Garnier, Himalaya, and Biotique are very good and they work effectively keeping your skin smooth and nice. Further, these are very longstanding in their use providing the best results.

Home Remedies to Prevent Whiteheads

Dermatologists say a lot of micros bacteria rest on your pillows, bedsheets, and bedcovers. Changing them frequently makes your skin stay free from whiteheads.

While having conversations over the phone, keep your phone away from your cheeks and instead use headphones.

Avoid touching your face with your hands as the bacteria on your hands can cause itching and even lead to acne.

Acne is the most common condition and nearly 85 percent of adolescents and 25 percent of adults are affected by this issue worldwide.

Acne can also leave a bigger impact on your confidence level and emotions. If whiteheads are persistently bothering you, make an appointment with your dermatologist and follow the prescription.

Safe use of Whitehead strips

Though these are very helpful, they work temporarily to clean up your face. You can use it depending on your schedule and your exposure to the atmosphere. Apparently, you notice whiteheads when pores are clogged and they are visible on your nose.


The best way to prevent the formation of whiteheads is to keep your face neat and clean by using a good face wash, a face pack, and a clean towel.

Changing your face towels is also highly recommended. The regular care you give to your face by far keeps away whiteheads from you.

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